Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Sis!!!

Do you remember when I posted THIS BLOG...or how about THIS GIRL (keep reading to the bottom)???

Well, if you can believe it, folks...she IS "the one"...for my sweet brother, Gavin. This past weekend we were in on a BIG SURPRISE ENGAGEMENT for Kara. We drove to her hometown Thursday night and stayed at her parents' house. Talk about hospitable...her Mom and Dad are such sweet people---can't BELIEVE we're getting more good family! My mom and I have always been so amazed that God has given us TWO amazing girls already (Court and Tiff)...and their sweet families are like family to us, too...and now, Kara. God is good.

Anyways, we spent all day Friday getting ready (and taking Jude to an unexpected doctor visit there since he woke up with a fever/ear infection that morning...of course!) for the big night! Kara was CLUELESS...which is, apparently, hard to achieve. She thought she was just driving home after her classes Friday to go to the local high school football game (it is THE thing to do on a Friday night in Greeneville, TN!). So, she and Gavin and her parents went to dinner, as usual...and then the game. Gavin told Kara that day that he'd lost his phone somewhere that day while "riding horses on her parent's farm". So that night, after the game, he casually asked her to ride back where he'd been that day on a four-wheeler to look. Now I kinda need to give you the picture of where he took her. It is out in the middle of NOWHERE...so it was pitch black. There is the cutest little cabin back there on this rugged land...up on a hill...with a beautiful little pond just at the base of the hill. And right there on the bank of the pond sits this old, wooden swing. Just alone. Nothing special. Until Friday night. :) On Friday night, it became the site of a special engagement. We'd wrapped it in a million lights that day...

...but you couldn't see them in that darkness. We'd run extention cords from up the hill where the cabin is, and since there is NO ELECTRICITY out there, we even had a generator running (but far enough away that you couldn't really hear it). I'd planted Gav's phone right there by the swing where he could just flip the red switch on the power strip and the swing would light up the night like a Christmas tree! So Gav and Kara are there riding in the dark calling and calling this phone hoping to see it light up...and as they crest that hill he tells her to call it again...and she does...and they see it light up, way off, down by the swing. And one other sweet addition: Gavin joked with Kara when they first started dating that if he ever took her "fishing in the dark" then it was serious business...and he'd end up marrying her! Soooo....there on that swing, with all those lights...and hundreds of rose petals scattered beneath it...and 24 perfect pink roses (tied in a Tiffany-blue ribbon!) layed on the seat----he had her fishing pole leaning over it all with THE RING tied to the end....

...AND----when he knelt to turn on the lights, he also turned on the song "You and Me Going Fishing In the Dark"....such a sweet, sweet idea!!!!!

Well...to say the least...SHE SAID YES!!!! (Wouldn't you have???)...and my brother, Gavin- the hopeless romantic that he is (ha!) will marry the perfect mate that God created just for him...on June 16, 2012! I am so thankful for another wonderful sister I will get out of this deal, and excited for the rest of our lives to make memories together!
Now the second best part of this story is the second surprise! Kara and Gav rode back to her house where her mother was, of course, waiting in tears! They did the normal hooplah and then, again casually, suggested she go down the road and tell her Aunt Barbara the big news! So...they hopped in the car, drove to Barbara's, and unbeknownst to Kara...to a HUGE SURPRISE ENGAGEMENT PARTY where her closest friends and family were gathered! It was so sweet! I was so thankful to be a part!

Isn't LOVE grand?????

I know most peeps aren't into posting comments...but if you would take a second and do it---tell me about YOUR engagement! I'll give you the details of mine later...when I finish my love story I started last month! (PS- sorry for the long blogging sabbatical...been busy, but gonna get back to it now!!!)