Sunday, February 21, 2010


If I had to put my birthday into just one word, it would have to be....PERFECT! The whole day...starting with that card from my Mom that played my favorite rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow that I walked down the aisle to in my wedding (you should hear it playing!)...

(As you can see, I did wait until the specified time to open) the surprise "love letter" blog post from my sweet hubby that I didn't find until after midnight last night(think this was my favorite gift)...and all of these "moments" in between...It was a "Dana Day" all day long, with all of my favorite elements!

Started with a mailbox full of love the night before...a thoughtful card from my friend, Melanie, an amazing book I cannot put down (FORGOTTEN GOD by Francis Chan) from my fave cousin Britt, and a to-be-forever-cherished-tear-jerker-7-page-letter from my Grandmother Stokes...what a way to start a birthday!

Shaelyn Jade loves riding with the windows down, and I love anything she loves!

Fabulous breakfast prepared by my Mom and Dad...including hashbrowns, my fave!

Enjoying the SUNSHINE (perhaps the best surprise on my birthday...thank you, Jesus!) with my girl, Bri...I always tell her she is my sunshine!

My two best girls in the whole wide world...

Priceless. This is our oldest horse, Gray, who Joey got when he was 8 or 9 years old...and her first "horse ride" on him...she freaked! It was such a fun birthday memory!

A swing hanging from an old tree...need I say more?

...Just soaking up this beautiful day, doing what we do best...hangin' outside! I love sitting in the grass!

Another birthday treat was that Kara, Gav's sweet girl, was able to make it in town to be with us all day Saturday and for dinner that night! Loved getting to know her better, and like her more and more each time I get to spend time with her. Beautiful inside and out.

Ok I love anything that makes adults act like kids again...and there is NOTHING like a good foot race, right? Yes, friends, after much "talk" about speed, these few brave competitors demonstrated, and we were all rather impressed with their athleticism! I guess the winner should be recognized here. Congratulations Courtney Kara Gavin...ok, Ryan (Taylor's friend who is still in highschool!) :)

I love a four-wheeler ride...

...and so does my daughter, now! :)

When we came home from the farm, there was the sweetest card stuck in my door, and a gift card to O'Charleys...Thelma, you are too kind to us! And, Rich gave me my gifts from him (much needed running shoes and new "JADE" perfume)...and Shaelyn Jade gave me some new socks! See her piggies trying to get in my picture? :)

Rich asked 20 of my closest peeps join us for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Wild Ginger...among them, Sonya, Ashley, and Courtney

My best friend since 6th grade, Kathryne...we agreed we have probably taken 1,000 pics together by now!

A good friend of mine is the Sous Chef @ Wild Ginger and made these trays of fabulous desserts for us...and an extra special cake for me- the "crown" on top was made out of sugar! He is amazing...thanks, Matthew!

A birthday kiss instead of a birthday spanking for this birthday girl. He really makes me feel like a queen!

Love these two more than words can say. L-O-V-E my new candle, Mom!

...and if all that wasn't Rich knows I love a display of gifts (always leave them under the Christmas tree for days)---so this is what I woke to this morning, and what my kitchen table still looks like! I do not promise they will be gone tomorrow, either.

So you see, THIS is why I love birthdays so much! I have, offically, arrived at 28, and I am settling into this new number just fine. Think I'll stay a while. :)
Thank you to my friends and family for making 28 so GREAT!

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  1. What a fortunate young woman you are to have so much love in your life God has surley blessed you. You can add my Love to you,Greta