Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Beach Bums

Well...we're here. At my favorite place. The beach. Needless to say, I find MANY other things besides computers to keep me busy while I am at the beach, huh? Oh how happy I was last week when my Mom said she and Dad were headed south...and asked our little brood to come too! We got Nanma off on her plane Tuesday afternoon and all headed out about 6 pm. Arrived late night as always to the sounds of waves and smells of salt water and could hardly sleep dreaming of this white beach and our, well, white legs that would soon be tan! :) Rich, of all people, was the only one to burn to a crisp on the first day so he spent the rest of his days in t shirts, baby sunscreen, and under the umbrella. Always happens to at least one. :) The second "wave" of good news came a couple days into our trip when we found out Mom and I could stay a few extra days at a house across the street...and that two of our favorite girls were coming to join us. Oh what a week it's been...words can't do it justice, so I'll just share some pics!

Early morning kite flying... Another Seaside Bike Day...Jadey's favorite!!! So thankful these dudes like to hang together...they have to do it a lot! :) Happy girl! Love Birds...still! A cool morning on the beach... Our last "family of 3" pic on the beach... You can't imagine how much fun this girl had with her Daddy all to herself, all day, every day!!! A drip castle for Courtney...she always makes them on our Florida trips, so we "built" one in her honor this time...we thought this was such a cool pic Rich took!

Non and Jade played in the sand on our crab night...
Lookin' for crabs...

Not a single carb spotted, but still a fun time!
If you can't take a late night ride on a golf cart when you're on vacation, when can you??? Been lookin' forward to this picture all year...my sweet girl in her two piece on the beach! Ahhhhh I love her!!

...and her best friend came to join her for these last few days...

Friday, March 18, 2011

You Know Nanma's Here...

...When you find your 22 month old drinking hot tea each afternoon!!!

Oh we've had the best couple weeks so far with Nanma staying with us. It's funny how you get used to life just the way it is...for us, with Rich's parents living 3000 miles away year round. We miss them always, but we all get "used" to it. Having Nanma here for an extended stay has reminded us of just how MUCH we miss her being around every day. She is truly the sweetest hearted person and so easy to get along with...you know, it's not just any ole mother-in-law that one could have staying for two 1/2 weeks! This lady is so fun to have around, so HELPFUL (especially at this point in my pregnancy!), and so loving to both us and our sweet Jadeybug. I told Rich just last night how fortunate I feel that when it's time for her to leave on Tuesday, it will not be relief that I feel, as goes the jokes toward mother-in-laws...I will TRULY miss her, so much more, after these treasured days together.

Nanma, (and Mum!)...you're a gem and I am so thankful you took so much time out of your very busy life in California to come love on your Tennessee kiddos. We needed it and we have L-O-V-E-D it! We will always cherish this visit when Jade got to know you and love you so much...and you and I got ready for another baby/grandbaby! THANK YOU!!!!!

More pics soon of our almost-finished nursery!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Round Two

Seems like yesterday my fabulous mother-in-law came in town to help me decorate a nursery...round one. We didn't know the sex of the baby, and decided on silver sage walls, a big white tree...and chocolate brown and light blue polka dot fabric. It really looked more BOY than girl, honestly, because I was feeling boy (talk about motherly instinct, I have it!) :) Ok...so we brought home a bundle of PINK instead of blue, and we quickly had to add nests in the in the tree with PINK eggs...PINK "jadeybugs" crawling all over the tree...PINK pillows...and a PINK monogram. That was just yesterday, wasn't it? No...I suppose it's been two years already...
Last night I got into bed, late and tired, but found myself still tossing and turning after a long while. I had a familiar anxious "tummy". Two years ago I laid in our bed about this same time of year and sobbed into Rich's arms, mourning the soon-to-be "loss" of those wonderful years of just us, he and I, as we anticipated our Shaelyn Jade. It was a very similar feeling last night. I have indescribable excitement to experience this sort of LOVE all over again and add to our little family again...but oh the joy of these days of just "us", he and I...and her. So there I found myself, 1 am, in my baby girl's room. I pulled her out of her crib and into that comfy brown chair that she and I have rocked a million hours in together. One last rock in that chair, in that room...one last time to lay her back in that crib. Again, I found myself sobbing within just a few seconds. It's what I needed, really needed. And that was it. I laid her back in her crib and said goodbye to a chapter of my life that has brought me more love and peace and joy than any other. And I KNOW that just as it was "bittersweet" to leave behind the days of just Richard and I...I KNOW that even greater peace and love and joy is soon-to-be, again, with this new baby, and as a family of 4.

So Sunday, my fabulous mother-in-law came in town again (bearing gifts of course!)...

...to help me decorate a nursery...ROUND TWO. We've been busy turning our first nursery into a big girl room...and moving the nursery a few feet down the hall. Oh Shaelyn Jade was so excited as we moved her crib out...

and her new bed IN!

...She climbed all over it and jumped and squealed. And tonight...

...Tonight, my big girl is sleeping her first night, still under that big white tree, but this time, in a big girl bed.

As for that nursery down the hall...Again, we don't know the sex of the baby, which presents its challenges when trying to create the "perfect" nursery. But again, we have overcome. :) Again we have a sewing station in my living room...lots of fabric cutting and the buzz of the wonderful sewing machine my mother-in-law bought for me two years ago (which I am only brave enough to use when she is sitting beside

... and a familiar excited "tummy" as I anticipate rocking another bundle of PINK or BLUE for a million hours in this sweet, sweet room...in just 8 weeks.
Stay tuned this week to see our finished product...
...Round two.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Matilda Jane

Hey friends!!!

I am SOOOOO excited about a very fun clothing show I am hosting tomorrow at my Mom's house...Matilda Jane clothing, if you've never heard of it, has the CUTEST clothes for both little girls AND big girls! I am inviting ALL OF YOU who are close enough to come- AND BRING FRIENDS- to come out and enjoy an afternoon of all things "girly"...food, chatting...and shopping! The "trunk" will be opened from 2-4, so drop by anytime! Let me know if you think you're coming so we don't close it before you get your chance to look! :)

Seriously, bring you mom, sister, or friends...and just come! I went to a show a few weeks ago and it was GREAT!

Check out the website HERE.

Hope to see you there!!!!