Friday, November 12, 2010

For You, Court...

Last night I went to Chili's...and although I never am a "dessert girl" (I'd rather have seconds on dinner always!), I couln't pass this up...

...because Courtney would give anything for a bite of it right now! My sweet sis-in-law has been known go great lengths for a molten chocolate cake from Chili's, so I just couldn't pass up the chance to indulge, FOR YOU, Court! :)

Thinking of you every single day. All the time. Love you, girl!


  1. so i am awake in the middle of the nite. bri actually woke me b/c she couldn't sleep, now she is snoozing, and i am not:)

    you are right!
    oh how I (and bri) would love to splurge on our fave dessert. I have found a couple here that will have to do until my date with a molten (or 2+) back in TN! she and i actually had a yummy one tonite at dinner. lots o' chocolate and ice cream. my sweet tooth is still going strong!

    thanks for thinking of me.
    i love you,

  2. I agree with you 100%, Dane......BRING ON ANOTHER ROUND OF BEEF! ;-) I NEVER go for the dessert! Love you!