Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Lots of smiles this week as me and my girl have been just hanging out we always do. This was one of my favorite moments. As dinner ended the other night I went in to run Shae Jade's bath water like I do almost ever night. I had just started it and ran in the other room to do something quick...and when I returned I found an anxious bather had forgotten something...

...In her excited frenzy she didn't realized she was STILL IN HER shoes and all...and when I got to her she was, albeit a little confused, happy as a lark in her warm bathwater! I laughed and laughed over this one and yelled for Rich to come get a picture of this so we can look back many, many days from now and laugh again when we tell her about it.

Oh what JOY she brings to me...


  1. HAAAAAAAAAA!! I can't get over how big she already looks! They just don't stay little long.

  2. this too happens a lot around my house! i just laugh and laugh. It's so fun to laugh. precious. miss you. let's get together soon. julia