Thursday, December 2, 2010

Doe and Geetie

After another sweet visit with our "Spring Hill Grandparents" last night, I started thinking about how blessed we to know this sweet couple...and wanted to share them with you! Joe and Greta (also known as "Doe and Geetie" at our house) live directly across the street from us and always welcome us into their home (almost daily since this has become Shaelyn Jades MOST favorite place in the WORLD to visit) with warm smiles and big hugs...and then begins a very detailed course of action for Jade! She immediately runs from Greta's arms (where she usually only gives her "half a hug" since she's so excited!) to the china cabinet in the dining room where she screams with delight as she sees (now remember this is a daily occurence!) all of the snowmen that Greta keeps on the bottom shelf (year round)...always as if it were the FIRST time she's seen them. Greta patiently (again, almost every day) and so lovingly stands with her and twirls the ballerina that hangs inside and takes out all of the snowmen and fish and birds and "pretties" that Jade asks for. When she is finished she darts to her next station- the snow globes (also a year-round "attraction" :)) where she waits (ok, not usually) for Greta to come and wind them each up each one and shake them for her curious little eyes to ears to take in...again, as if the first time...and then its OFF to the train! Mr. Joe is just as sweet and just as patient as he always sits with her for as long as she likes and turns on his amazing Lionel train set and lets her blow the whistle and watch the little man come out of the house and take the barrels apart...and usually try to grab the trains as they come by! When she's done with the train she takes in the
B-E-A-Utiful tree that now stands above the train, intricately detailed with a lifetime of ornaments (and stories for each one) and bright lights (which are even prettier from my living room) and garland and tinsel...the perfect tree for a little girl's curious spirit! Next, she may do a number of things- ask for a "nack" (because Greta always gives her yummy treats!), or run to the computer where Greta takes her in her lap and goes through pictures of everyone in our family, or run to the big pretzel barrel that they keep upstairs with the world's BEST pretzels in them...which she usually shares with her mother...:) She plays the piano, plays with dominos, goes up and down the little ramp Mr. Joe built for their sweet, old dog, Kissie...I am telling you, for as LONG as I will let her stay...she never stops moving while she's at their house. And with these frequent visits, I have found that this house has also become one of MY favorite places, as well...because I see true JOY in my daughter's eyes when she is here. She feels the LOVE that abounds here and it makes her happy. And it makes me happy...and I can see it also makes "Doe and Geetie" happy. It's amazing how God, with his infinite wisdom and also amazing care for the smallest details of our lives, placed us across the street from this precious couple during this time in our lives, where we have needed each other so many times, and enjoy each other daily. Sometimes "family" may not be related by blood, at all, but simply by love. We feel that Joe and Greta are our "family" in the truest sense of the word and are so THANKFUL for them.

Hope that you all find JOY in the "Doe and Geeties" that God has placed in your life this holiday season...whether across the street or across town...or across the world! He does not cross our paths coincidentally. No, there are blessings in people all around us...we just have to slow down long enough to enjoy them.

Thank you, Joe and Greta, for your warm love that we feel all the time. Thank you for taking time for us so often and for making my little girl feel like the most special little lady on the street! We love you!


  1. Isn't it amazing how God always finds a place for his faithful followers to serve him. These dear people, Joe and Greeta are a blessing to us also. They have shown the kindness and Love of Christ to us in the many ways they have ministered to our Children____ and now our Grandchildren. No doubt they will find someone to love and serve until they draw their last breathe. Thank You God for these Godly Friends!

  2. above is from mom, dane.
    she forgot to put her name :)
    love u

  3. Dana after reading your blog today I know that Joe and I are the ones that blessed by our Heavenly Father. When we first moved here we were blessed with Drason & Sonya as neighbors then along came precious Olivia (Livi)and later dear little Bane was born.
    Our God never stops giving,you & your dear husband Richard moved in across the street and adorable Shaelyn Jade was added to our blessings. With such very special parents & babies how could we not know that God's hand & His love was in it all. love you always, Nana Greta