Monday, December 6, 2010

Livi Lu- Who

One of mine and Jade's favorite girls in this world is Olivia Drae Beasley...also known this time of year around our house as "Livi Lu-Who!" ... and we were DELIGHTED that she came to spend the night with us last week. We jam -packed our night full of fun...starting with a special trip to Joe and Greta's (at their request before I could even get the car pulled into the driveway!)...

(Greta spinning the girls in the computer chair...they squealed with JOY!)

...Making "music" together on the piano...

...and getting a little bit of "Papa Joe love"!

Next we were on to Gingerbread-men-making...

...and EATING! :)

Rich took the prize with his expert "Elvis" gingerbread man...

(UPCLOSE SHOT...for you, Rich! :))

And of COURSE the night would not have been complete without a bubble bath together! Somehow they both had "fros" this night which we were luckily able to tame with a little shampoo and water!

...And just to get them good and fired up before bedtime (and because they BEGGED)...we let them jump in Jade's bed until they were worn out (ok, it was a trick!)

We are so thankful for sweet Livi Lu Who! Her mama and Jadeybug's mama (not sure why I switched to third person here :)) spent so many days and nights together when we were their age. It makes me so happy to see God bonding their young little hearts, too...and I pray they stay close always. We sure do miss Liv being across the street, but it makes us that much more happy when we get to spend special nights, like this one, with her!


  1. Wish I could have been there to see and hear those charming girls. HOW MUCH FUN WAS THAT!!!! Maybe one day again soon will have both of them here. HOPE! GRANDMOTHER

  2. thanks for making each time she comes so perfect. she loves you so.