Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine

I had big plans for today when I went to bed last night... I had decorated Rich's office for a surprise for him (not like pink and red streamers and balloons- I mean, he had never hung his pictures or organized his book shelves or bought any decor since they moved in MONTHS I actually "spruced" it up a little for him)...Jade and I were going to go and meet him for lunch...I bought everything for a big, homecooked dinner he'd love...and planned a fun night at home for us three.

Well, as I am learning happens often with little ones, our plans don't go, um, as planned sometimes, do they? Jadeybug woke up this morning a little less thrilled than she normally is to be awake. She was snotty and whiney...and feverish. After breakfast, instead of her normal request for me to "pay" with her...she simply had one wish: "mama...bed." She was back asleep in minutes...with a 102 fever.

Plans cancelled. Day shot.

But not really. I spent almost the entire day in my PJs snuggled up with my little valentine. She literally didn't want to leave my arms...ALL day long. I spent the first part of the day thinking about HOW unproductive my day was becoming. Then, it dawned on me at some point, that this day of snuggles was the BEST VALENTINE'S DAY GIFT I could have ever even asked for. See, my little lady is needing me less and less each day...she is rarely happy sitting in my lap for too long...and I usually avoid thinking about this reality for fear of crying! But today...on this day of love...I felt so LOVED.

And if that's not enough, my real sweetheart came home with a wonderful surprise----he bought me a prenatal massage that I can cash in on a "sore" day here in this last trimester. What a good man!!!

Hope you all felt love today!

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  1. yeehaw for a massage!!! Hope SJ is better:) love ya, beth