Friday, February 4, 2011

Spring In Winter

So I am one of those people that just doesn't keep up with the weather. When it comes a big snow, I am usually like a child the next morning because, unless someone called to "warn" me, I didn't know. When I figure it out, I pull the blinds up and exclaim, "SNOW!!!"...and usually tear out through the yard to grab a eat! :) That's me. So, exactly the same thing happened last Saturday...except it was a "spring day" surprise! I was sitting at the kitchen table early Saturday morning eating breakfast with Shaelyn Jade (Rich had spent the night at The Cabin with the boys) and I thought that the birds in my backyard seemed to be "basking" in the I opened the back door and much to my surprise I was greeted with the most warm, pleasant, spring air! It was, truly, one of the best surprises of 2011 so far! :) I immediately called my Dad and told him Shadey Jadey and I would be heading that way RIGHT NOW to ride the four wheeler and see the horses and play in the sun all day long! We were in the car about 15 minutes later- windows down, music too loud to be January...and two happy girls. It's crazy how a little sunshine can change an entire day! We started our day with a long walk to the creek...then Poppy picked us up and we drove around on the tractor...down to the horses.

Rich and Uncle Jeff met us there and Jade got to "ride" her horse (thrilling!).

Then Ash met up with us (and brought pizza for lunch!) right as Dad hooked the trailor to the tractor and pulled us all over the farm. A "hayride" lunch on a sunny, January day.

We pulled sleeping bags down onto the trailor and we, like the birds, basked until our hearts were full...and our baby was sleepy!

Jade getting "tickled" by Non...

And proof that this kind of sunshine in winter can make us all do strange things...ever seen two grown men do "the spider"?! :)

Thank you, Jesus, for the surprise of a spring day in the middle of winter.

...and, while I'm on surprises, the BEST surprise of 2010, hands down, was that this sweet friend of mine also has a growing baby in her belly!!! This is my first "belly pic" of her...she's so tiny, but that little baby is starting to "pooch" out a little. Oh Baby Walker how we love you so much already!!!! :)


  1. We spent the day outside too....FABULOUS! Makes me count down the days until spring!

  2. oh my goodness...thank u for sharing this pic of ash. makes my heart jump jump jump! she looks so beautiful! love love love this:)

    and so glad u guys got a taste of warmth. it does the heart so good.

    love u sista! this week, for sure, skype date. just gotta try to do it b4 10:30 my time. i can not stay awake that late. my eyes close and snores take over:)

  3. dana i love what you write and i love you!!!

  4. hey!!!!! it posted!!!!
    this could be dangerous!
    it nnnnneeeevvvveeerrrrr does!

  5. YAY ASHLEY!!!!!!!! I told her today I could see her bump!!

  6. Hi Dana,
    I so enjoyed your "Spring Day"... I mean just now, Feb 9, while we are gearing up for more winter! I am soo looking forward to Spring!
    God bless you and your sweet family!
    Love you,
    Miss Hattie

  7. Testing.....testing....123....testing

    I now have a google account!!