Monday, April 25, 2011

Our Easter In Pictures

We started by getting ready for Mr Whiskers...and told Jade to put her basket right where she left milk and cookies for Santa this year...she loved that!

Much later :) we looked outside and apparently Mr Whiskers visited Mr. Joe and Mrs. Greta!!!

Early riser the next morning---we could hardly catch up with her as she ran for where she had left her basket the night before...

...but all that was left was a pile of jelly beans??? (Actually MUCH better than a basket, she thought!!!)

The trail of jelly beans, however, did lead her right to where that tricky rabbit had hidden her basket...

Bubbles, a book, a new Elmo toothbrush (Which I happened to see on sale the day before at TARGET for $1.88, Mr. Whiskers!!!!), trail mix, and fruit snacks...oh what a delight for this little lady!!!

And if one hidden basket were not enough, our doorbell rang and Mr. Joe had another one waiting for this girl!

This was the only picture I got of Jade in her Sunday Walmart, before lunch, and RIGHT BEFORE she somehow dropped the world's juiciest red strawberry all the way down the front of her Sunday Best!!!! Oh dear...what kind of Mom would hand her child a juicy red strawberry while wearing a white dress, anyways? ...That's what her daddy said!!! :)

We enjoyed such a wonderful lunch at the Watson's home...we've spent the last few Easters with them and it's so nice for us to all be able to get together and have fun! Mrs. Connie put on a super fun egg hunt, and after 3 practice runs this girl actually got the hang of picking up eggs and putting them in her basket!!!

And this Easter, of course, wasn't the same without the rest of our usual egg hunters...but we were so happy when their mama remembered to send us a picture that arrived right during our at least we could see their sweet faces!

This was such a wonderful Easter Sunday for our little family. Hard to believe next year there will be two baskets...two kiddos...

...and one smaller belly during the egg hunt! :)

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