Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Feeling the need to prepare for the arrival of the baby by cleaning, organizing, etc. Often happens toward the end of pregnancy.

I guess you could possibly say I have been nesting... Within the last two months I have felt the need to clean out and reorganize every single cabinet and closet in the house (Thanks, Mom for your help!), wash every single thing in the house, ask my husband to build a cabinet (and paint it!!) to better store things in our house, clean out my car multiple times (again tonight), dig up bushes, plant other bushes, weed everything by hand :) (Wendy, I know you thought I was crazy...), clean grout, deep clean....yeah, I think I've been nesting lately. And last week when Rich got home, look what I'd decided to do that day...

Paint the kitchen. REALLY needed a change of color, don'tcha think? Suddenly. :)

The nursery is truly almost ready, minus a few things still needing to be hung. Literally, I think every single other item on my "to do lists" are all checked off...and I am STILL WAITING for this baby...

Trying to enjoy these last few days with a baby inside my body, but it is getting harder and harder since it's wanting to be out HERE, with US! :) Loving every second, still, with my firstborn little lady and soaking in our last few days, just us...

Would so appreciate your prayers for our little brood as we "anticipate" (sometimes during the wee hours of morning!) this major change that will come to us in the next week or much joy, some pain (yikes!), and inumerable blessings.

The nest is ready. Come on baby!!!

By the way, to answer the question I am MOST asked these days: I have felt like I was having a boy toward the end of this pregnancy...until this week. Starting to see pink again, people! Oh how I'd love a boy for Rich...oh the thought of another little girl melting my heart again! Couldn't even make the choice if I had to- so THANKFUL God knows JUST WHAT WE NEED!!!! :)

Here's my 38 week belly what are YOU thinking it is? Come on people, let's get the votes in...time is TICKING here!!!!


  1. Can't wait to hear the news!!! Can't wait to find out what Baby Brown #2 will be either...but I won't be able to wait as long as you. I will be surprised around week 20! :)

  2. I still think you may have a little boy in there. We'll just have to wait and see. Mom normally knows best though!!


  3. I'm thinking girl... But I thought would be a boy. . .either way, can't wait! Xoxo, Tricia

  4. Opps**Jade would be a boy. . .