Tuesday, December 13, 2011

She's BACK!!!!!

Well it has been a LONG break from the blog world...but I am happy to be BACK! I have had such a wonderful few months, finally feeling totally settled into my life with 2 little souls to look after. There is much to catch up on so that my days are not forgotten, but rather recorded here...but for now, I will start with one picture of the person who has MOST changed since my last post.

I love this face. He is the happiest little boy all the time. He loves his mama and his daddy but he LOVES his sissy! He keeps his eye on her at all times and lights up when she even looks his way. It has been the sweetest part of my day every day to watch this sweet relationship grow between my children.

Shaelyn Jade is such a good big sister- always wanting to help me with "Judey-boy"...and I am loving watching them take in the wonders of this Christmas season together!

I am back to blogging! See you soon...

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