Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas in Cali...

This year I surprised even myself when Rich asked me about spending Christmas away from home....and I agreed. You see, I have always sworn I would keep my kids at our house for Christmas morning. We woke up at our own house every Christmas morning of my life, and I liked it that way. But this year has been a bit different for our family- the Andrews clan, I mean. God has been "a' movin'" and it's been pretty amazing to watch Him. And with all of the changes, we are THRILLED that Rich's parents and little sis, Hosanna, will be o-fficial Tennesseans as of January. So this year, we wanted to be here, in San Francisco, one last time with them. Plus, our kids won't really ever remember this Christmas away from home! So me and my crazy husband who loves to travel just about as much as I do packed up our two children 2 and under :) and made the 2 plane, 3000 mile trek across the US last Thursday. We made it just in time for a couple of crazy last minute shopping days right here in the heart of San Francisco (quite the experience!) and then such a wonderful, different, peaceful Christmas day. It was truly my favorite Christmas yet, I think. Anyone who has met my in-laws know that they really are super-duper people...but there is no way to explain JUST HOW super duper!!! Super kind, super giving, super loving...and no matter where they move on this earth, their houses are ALWAYS so home-y! I love that about them. Anyways, we have had a wonderful week...and today we decided we better make that long walk across the Golden Gate bridge if we're ever we did it...just to do it! It was loud and windy...but oh so beautiful! Vast mountains and water on one side, vast city and buildings on the other. Lots of people and bikers doing the same. And as we were almost across, I realized I am living my own dream. If the lonely girl I was 10 years ago could have seen a snapshot of today---I would have known then, as I certainly do now, that my wildest dreams WOULD come true. I have a wonderful husband, a super duper extended family, two beautiful children (who fell FAST asleep during the walk across)...and God's amazing creation to look at...all on a random December 27, 2011. Wow. I love thoughts like that.

So a few snapshots for you can share my dreams. Please pray for my sweet, sweet Andrews family. Like I said- God, He is a' movin'! :)

These rare snuggles with Nanma are about to be a common treat in Tennessee!!

My sweet little lady getting excited for Santa!

The grand Golden Gate bridge is truly an awe-inspiring structure!

Andrews pre-bridge...all eager for the hike ahead!

Andrews post-bridge...two peaceful sleepers, two aching backs...but 4 happy hearts still!

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