Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Highlights from the end of 2011

Instead of a post about a list of resolutions that should have (but actually do not) this year...I wanted to end my 2011 blogs with a post about how we ended it! Here are some of our highlights...

This was, perhaps, the BEST gift of 2012...seeing sweet Tiff with her baby girl at last. This little lady was long awaited and SO, SO loved!!

Here is our crazy crew after our long plane rides across America...but we made it to San Francisco!

On one of those long plane rides, Jadey girl had some fun "holding" her little brother and helping him look out the window. Let's just say he was less than thrilled... :)

The city of San Francisco is so huge! Here seen from the Golden Gate bridge...

Alcatraz also from the bridge...

We had never walked across the bridge on any of our visits before, so we did it this last time!

We also took our favorite hike up in the moutains behind Nanma and Grampy's is quite exhausting on those steep hills, but the view makes it all worth while!

My Christmas girl in her homeade reindeer shirt from school that she was so proud of...and her Christmas hairbows. I hope I never forget how she looked this day!!!

Snuggle bugs that slept most of the nights with us in Emily's bed (thanks for giving us your room, Em!!!)

Grampy and Jude had fun getting to know each other better...Jude loved all of his animals!

And Daddy and Jude boy also spent lots of time nice having Daddy with us every day all day long!!!

Jude had to get ear tubes early the next morning after we arrived home from Cali...he was a sleepy boy as he waited for them to come get him!

And we spent New Year's Eve with some of our fave friends having a slumber party with all of our new baby "Boys Of Summer" (Bayo wasn't here yet when this pic was snapped!). The attire for our party was undecided- whether fancy or Jude did both- bowtie with pjs...Cash was dressed to party!!!

At midnight, we cooked a big breakfast to kick off the new are the chefs!

And here are the non-chefs...sleepy boys awaiting their meal! (PS...Bayo tried to hang, and outlasted the others...but finally crashed right there in the middle of the action!)

Finally feasting...we hope to make this a New Year's tradition!

And last, but CERTAINLY not and my man ringing in 2012 the right way! They say whatever you're doing at midnight you will do all year, right???? :)

Certainly the best New Year's Eve yet...a wonderful end to a wonderful year. We are so THANKFUL to God for all of the many blessings he bestowed on us in 2011 and look forward to seeking Him even more in 2012! That is our only resolution. What a MIGHTY GOD we serve!

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