Wednesday, April 25, 2012


How did I find Ordinary Hero…? Well- a God thing, for sure. See, for months my sister-in-law had been telling me about “some lady” who was starting “some organization” that she was going to do “some backpack thing” for. She kept saying it was my kind of thing. But I had a 6 month old and a busy life and never checked out the website. But during this time in my life, the Lord was really pulling at my heart- for orphans. I have always had a deep compassion for orphans. When I was 17 I went on my first mission trip to Ukraine and worked in orphanages and it was there that my heart became so burdened for orphans. And now- 10 years later- it seemed everywhere I turned there was something about orphans. I had shared this with my sister-in-law and been praying that God would show me where He wanted me to get involved, but my life, again, seemed “too” busy. So one Wednesday night I was at church and the pastor called a random lady, unprepared I could tell, and her husband, to come down front and give their testimony about what God was doing in their lives. Being caught off guard, her story was short and I honestly do not remember exactly what she shared, but I do remembered feeling a tug at my heart when she spoke. Afterward, on the way home, as I spoke to my husband about her, about her compassion for others and how she was doing something about it, I found myself moved to tears. The very next day, not coincidentally (as is God’s way), my sister-in-law called me again. It had been several weeks since she’d mentioned “that organization” at all, but this day she told me she just felt like God was telling her to call and invite me to a meeting that night about the backpack ministry. I already had plans but I distinctly remember knowing that I needed to go---so I cancelled, and went. And again, not by a coincidence, I found myself less than 24 hours later in the living room of “that woman” whose testimony had touched my heart so much at church that night before. Kelly Putty. A true Ordinary Hero. Long story short (ok…LONG!) it was actually the first ever meeting for this new organization that God was moving about strongly. She shared her story. Her dreams. And said she was planning a trip to Ethiopia. I signed up that night and by July I was THERE, in Ethiopia, with Kelly and the first team of Ordinary Heros. That’s how my story with Ordinary Hero began. I can only say this organization is truly God centered and made of ordinary people, just like me, who just want to be His hands and feet to those in need. So this Saturday, April 28th, I will be taking these “feet” and putting them to pavement for some thirteen miles-to raise money for this wonderful cause. I am excited to be running in the Country Music Marathon on the OH team this year and would ask, if you are so compelled and able, to SPONSOR MY RUN at any amount. 100% of funds raised go directly to children in need. Check out the OH website to find out more about all of the wonderful things they are doing…and then go to my personal webpage to sponsor me. NO AMOUNT IS TOO SMALL---how about $1 for every mile I will run…only $13?! And say a prayer for me if you remember on Saturday morning---13 miles is a long way when you’re running! Thank you, in advance, for being and Ordinary Hero!!!!

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