Friday, April 6, 2012

What's Missing?

So here's our handsome little man this morning...

...the "morning after"!
Here he is a little closer-

Anyone see anything missing?
How about...


That's right, folks! We lost our first tooth in the Andrew's house last night--- and not exactly in the ideal "fall out in an apple when you're 6" fashion. about not-quite-11-months?! Little brother bear took a tumble from his dinner chair onto the dinner table last night...and that big ole tooth literally FELL out onto the floor! Lots of blood but just a few tears thankfully...and a rather quick and painless trip to Vandy to make sure all else remains in tact.
Reminded us all of another very special little lady that spent nearly her first decade without two teeth after an early fall like this one...

(Briley holding jude when she came home to visit last summer...see how pretty those teeth came back in???)
We're sure gonna miss that cute little tooth, but oh so thankful because like one of my favorite children's books reminds me: "COULD BE WORSE!"

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