Wednesday, May 19, 2010

1 year later...

One year ago...

Tonight I sit here wondering where a year has gone? As I rocked her, tonight, her long legs draped across my lap and over the arm rest...and I, bittersweetly, remembered how just 365 days ago she was so tiny, and I was so afraid I might break her! Where did 12 whole months go? All I know, 1 year later, is that time speeds up when you become a mother. Certainly, my life is no longer measured by mySELF. My entire universe has revolved around a little brown eyed "Jadybug" for a year now...and my life is now measured by hers. My days are counted by her days. And so, as she blew out her first candle, I felt as if I, myself, were experiencing my own sort of milestone. It felt surreal that I was having my first child's first birthday party...already. The only way to explain, perhaps, this time warp I am in is "Time FLIES when you're having fun"...because I have had the time of my life since this perfect little lady entered my world. She has been nothing but joy each and every day, and I find myself wondering what I ever did before she was born! I am so thankful to God, every day, for this precious gift named Shaelyn Jade.

And to celebrate her sweet little life, we got our closest friends and family together Saturday afternoon at our treehouse in "Jadybug Hollow" for her first birthday party...and made sweet memories!
A few of our favorites...

The birthday girl...

...Rich worked so hard on this fabulous treehouse for his Jadybug- and we are so excited about all the memories our family will make here together!

...still crazy how much these two look alike! first, of many, homeade birthday cakes...

...and cupcakes!

...and she LOVED it!!!

...Rich had fun making big bubbles with the kiddos...

...and Shaelyn Jade loved her birthday gift from Mommy and Daddy...a swing for her treehouse!

...And some of our favorite Lady-bugs from our party...

Her cousin, Briley, who insists she call her "Aunt Bri Bri" :)

Her sweet friend, little Miss Cate!

...and of course, our dear Livi B...

Shaelyn Jade loves her "Aunt Trish" of my oldest and dearest friends from middle school (who is marrying a FABULOUS guy in September and we are sooo excited!!!)...and Chrisie, another friend from high school that I have been so blessed to reconnect with since we had Jade and her youngest, Abby, 3 weeks apart!

Rich's mom came in for the occassion and helped me so much. I always cherish our time with her...and Shaelyn Jade really got to know her "Nanma" this time! We miss you already Nanma!!!

...And last, but certainly not least, Aunt Tiff helping Jadybug with her first hotdog! :)

...Memories that will last this Mommy a lifetime! :) Happy 1st Birthday, baby girl! I love you more than you'll ever know!


  1. Happy Birthday sweet Shaelyn Jade! Dana, I am so proud of you and for you! I know that you recognize her as the amazing gift that God gave you one year ago! We pray His richest blessings on her and your family! Much love to you all!

    Oh, ADORABLE first birthday party too!!!

  2. Oh my...I L.O.V.E those pics of her eating cake. She couldn't be cuter... Sorry we couldn't make it...I have her a prize to get to you though:) HAPPY BIRTHDAY Shaelyn Jade!!