Monday, May 10, 2010

Where Have We Been?

FLORIDA!!! While Rich and the boys packed their bags for Nicaragua, we girls weren't gonna be left in the dust, so we packed our bags for the beach house!!! It was such a fun week, with some of my most favorite people! We love Destin, Florida- kind of feels like a second home, so when we are there, we just relax and do nothing...a LOT of nothing! These are a few of my favorite memories from this past week...but I kept forgetting my camera so I didn't capture too more to come later!

Emily, Amanda, and Mrs. Marlin (and their kiddos!) were also in Seagrove, so we caught up with them one night for a very fun dinner at The Red Bar! One of our fave dinner spots that we always make sure to hit while we're in town...

Livi B and Cy-man were soaking up the rays at the water's edge on the very first day...of course, our luck, it was a Red Flag for the first not much swimming, but enough splashing to keep us cool!

Shaelyn Jade has been to the beach 3 times already in her short little life, but this was really the first time she could take in the beach, the waves, the birds...and the sand! She LOVED getting handfuls of sand and it was all I could do to keep her from eating it! She and her "Non" spent lots of time laughing at the waves...

Nonni and two of her favorite boys...they loved on her lots this week! This morning we just all piled into one car and went to our fave breakfast dive, The Donut Hole. Yum...makes my belly growl just thinking about it!

...the rest of the Donut Hole crowd! We were so happy that Tiff's mom came (aka "Grand-Mo" to Cy and Colby) this time...and my Mom brought my Aunt Jeana who I love so much! It was a G-R-E-A-T week with lots of laughs, and with all these sweet friends the time without my Rich just flew by!

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  1. this is just to say:

    i miss you. and jade. and vivi abbott walker and her baby liv.