Sunday, June 13, 2010

Every 4 years...

If there is one thing I have come to live with since becoming an "Andrews"'s the fact that every four years a very life-stopping event takes places that our household MUST be tuned in to! Yep, my England-born husband has that soccer-mania blood that most Englishmen have. So, needless to say, he has been "preparing" for the World Cup 2010 Opening since...well, the last game of the 2006 World Cup! As New Year's Day dawned this year, it wasn't a kiss from me that was his FIRST was--- "THIS IS THE YEAR OF THE WORLD CUP AGAIN FINALLY!!"...and trust me, we have heard about it ever since. I am just happy it has begun! :)

Honestly, I LOVE that Rich LOVES soccer. I mean, he truly does, in a way that I have rarely seen people love a sport in my life. He loves to watch it, play it, talk about...everthing! He was SO excited now that he is a dad...and it is the year of another World Cup, to make sure his little lady was appropriately dressed for these games, so his birthday gift to her was the complete, authentic England World Cup Jersey. He says she will be wearing for every England game. And while he took the USA-England tie to be a loss, really (what an awful goalie goof!!!), he sure had fun talking smack to Jesse and all of our other USA friends! Shaelyn Jade and I crashed the boy party for a minute to drop off our England flag and let Rich show her off in her duds. Will Pilkinton thought she was so cute! :)

Even though I am American, I swore to my sweet husband long ago that I'd be right beside him cheering on his homeland from now on, sooooo----"God Save The Queen" their song says! We hope they make it to the finals! :)

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  1. are those english flag baby legs? oh my goodness:) love 'em!