Sunday, June 20, 2010


"To her the name of father was another name for love."

I found this quote years ago and it has always meant so much to me because I understand it. I am that girl. I have been blessed with the most loving father I have ever known- who always demonstrated love to us by affection, by always telling us he loved us, by letting us see him love our mother, by spending time with letting us see our Heavenly Father's love so evident in his life. He is love to me...and I had this quote embroidered on the handkerchief I gave to him on my wedding day. I didn't fully know, that day, that the man I married is so much like my father...but I do believe that some part of me was drawn to him because of it. He, too, has become love for me. Rich is the kindest husband, the sweetest son, the truest friend, and the most loving father, also, to our Jade. And I was so happy this year when I found this quote again...

...this time, for him, on his 2nd Father's Day...on his card from Shaelyn Jade.

She and I spent our day with our fathers...

...I am so thankful that the legacy of love is being passed from my father to me, and her father to her. Happy Father's Day...we LOVE you both!!!

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