Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Black Mountain, NC

We spent our weekend in Black Mountain, NC...just tuckered in the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains about 10 miles outside of Asheville. One of my favorite spots. When I was 19, my best bud Tricia had found THIS Christian girls camp she was going to be a counselor at for the summer...she asked me to go, and I said yes. And I spent that summer and the next summer there, in Black Mountain. It's beautiful...and the camp is so fun! I hope to send my Shaelyn Jade there someday!! Now, guess what? My littlest brother, Taylor, is 19...and he just spent his summer being a couselor at THIS same camp...on the boys side, of course! :) He loves it too. So... we packed up for our anniversary weekend and made it a roadtrip...complete with Ratatouille for half the trip and a fabulous murder mystery on CD from Cracker Barrell to get us home (those of you who know me best know that I LOVE a good thriller on CD from Cracker Barrel for a roadtrip)!

We stayed at THIS precious Bed and Breakfast...and of course, spent lots of our time rocking on the front porch, since there was one for Papa Bear, Mama Bear...

...and Baby Bear!

Taylor loved having us...and brought a sweet friend along for the day, Annie Grace...

...and Nonni and Poppi even dropped in to surprise him on Friday, too! He loved it!

Our last night we headed into Asheville, just me and my two favorite peeps, for "Shindig On the Green", something I used to go to 10 years ago every Saturday night...and was so happy it's still going strong! Lots of friendly North Carolinians come from all over the area (and some rather interesting mountain folk crawl out of the woodwork, too!) and gather in groups to play good ole Bluegrass Music all night long...complete with elderly cloggers, children frolicking on the green grass...and a delicious pork and slaw dinner from "Okie Dokie Smokeys!"

So thankful for these fun memories of our time as a family of 3!

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