Saturday, September 18, 2010

Grampy Andrews

Today we remember Rich's sweet Grampy Andrews who passed peacefully in his sleep last night. He was 81 years old and lived a long, full life. He is survived by his daughter, Susan Andrews and her two children Jameson and Madison, as well as his son, Christopher (Rich's Dad), his wife, Christine (Rich's Mom), Rich, Sarah (his sister), Emily (his niece) Shaelyn Jade! We all spoke today via skype and laughed and laughed at all the funny memories we have of Grampy. Please keep Rich and our family in your prayers as their hearts are obviously sad for this loss.

I was able to be with Grampy for two extended visits- once when I visited England in 2004 and then again when we all went to San Francisco in 2005. These are the things that I learned about the old man:

1) Grampy had been married to one woman, Margaret, until she died in 1992. He loved her.
2) Grampy was a policeman in Bath, England. I bet he was a tough policeman!
3) Grampy's favorite past time was going to his local pub, drinking beer, and playing snooker.
4) Grampy loved beer.
5) Grampy loved scotch even more.
6) He lived in the same house, 49 Moorfields Road, for over 50 years.
7) Grampy had a deep heart. He would have done anything for his children.
8) He had a great laugh...and he and Rich loved picking at each other, back and forth.
9) Grampy and Nanny Andrews used to take Richard and Sarah to the "caravan" every year...sort of like a "KOA" on the beach in England. It was the highlight of their summer... some of Rich's best childhood memories.
10) Grampy had a chair in his house that there are pictures of him sleeping with every one of his grandkids.
11) Grampy could sleep ANYWHERE. And required much sleep since I have known him.
12) Grampy was a your typical "crotchity" old Englishman...with a great English accent...and an even dryer sense of humor.
13) Grampy loved to walk...when he had dogs he walked them daily and really enjoyed it.
14) Grampy was very loved...and will be very missed.

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  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Sounds like he lived a great long life and will be missed.