Monday, September 20, 2010

My "little mama"...

(taken by Nana Greta as she babysat Jade...and Jade "babysat" a little herself!)

My Shaelyn Jade reminds me of me in so many things she does (don't worry people---NOT the way she looks!!!) One big way is her love for baby dolls more than any other toy. Since she was about 7 months old (when Nanny Thelma got her first baby for her for Christmas) she has just loved to have a baby in her arms. It just amazes me that she actually understands the concepts of rocking a baby, loving the baby, bathing the baby, changing her diaper. Sometimes I will be in one room and she'll be in her room and I'll hear her say, "Oh Baby"...and if I sneak in on her she is always rocking that baby and just patting her little back! It has to be the SWEETEST thing any child has ever done! When we leave her in the nursery at church each week, she immediately finds a doll, rocks it the whole time we're gone, and has to be pryed away from it when we return. I really think she might just as well stay the whole week at church if she could just stay with that little baby!!! As far back as I can remember, it was baby dolls that I always asked for, baby dolls that I always preferred to play with (Barbie who???), and a "mama" I always dreamed of being. Never, however, in my wildest dreams did I ever dream of loving my own baby like I do...there are simply no words for what this "little mama" does to my heart. Oh, Shaelyn Jade, please don't grow up! How I love these days of rocking and holding my own little baby...


  1. She already looks so much more grown up and it seems like you just gave birth! They really don't stay tiny do they?? She's so adorable. Oh how I wish mine would arrive soon! :)

  2. I really cannot get over how much this "little momma" has grown in 11 months. And I cannot believe I have not seen her for that long, wow! I just remember staying with You and Rich last Christmas and she was just sitting up! I tell mom almost everyday, it seems, what a BEAUTIFUL child Shaelyn Jade is! This story made me think of Jade's big cousin Britt :) We have a home video with Britt rocking her baby doll and saying "Oh, baby, Oh baby!" over and over again!