Monday, January 24, 2011

Birthday Boy!

Yesterday was Rich's birthday, so we made sure to have fun all weekend long! It started Friday night with a date night- dinner @ Jimmy John's (what can I say, big spenders :)) and the movie True Grit afterwards. We always love a good date where we can talk to each other, eat slowly (even if it isn't a steak!), and relax. It was good...
Saturday night we had cake and ice cream @ my Mom's house with the fam- the boys mostly played with the remote control airplanes (and managed to crash them into every wall and some foreheads!) and the Wii (might I add I was top scorer for bowling- which is something I must brag about here because I am TRULY the WORLD's WORST BOWLER in real life!!!)...and the kids' favorite part was loading up and riding down to pet the horses in the moonlight and cold!

Here the kiddos helped him blow out candles!
Yesterday started with a sweet girl waking up her Daddy and giving him his gift... to the CIRCUS!!!

...and his favorite, yummy breakfast right there in bed!

He spent the day doing what he loves best- playing with and reading to Jadeybug...

...and then it was time for the CIRCUS!!!

Oh if you have never been (and none of us had!)- the Barnum and Bailey's Circus is an experience that everyone needs to have! We had front row seats to "The Greatest Show On Earth"...and it was truly amazing!

...Our Ringmaster!

Amazing tightrope walkers...

...and the MOST amazing was how many people were folded up inside this box!!!

At least Rich and I loved it... :)

...Shaelyn Jade (who was too excited all day to nap prior to the circus) finally fell out during the motorcycle riders (loudest part of the show!) and slept until intermission. But she was ready again for the second half with cotton candy...

...and loved every second of those elephants!
...And out favorite part was when they brought out the sweet, new baby elephant and his mommy at the end...

What a special memory for us all!

We finished Rich's special day at home, on the couch, with his favorite cake--- Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. He finally got to blow out his birthday candles and make his special birthday wish.

...Apparently this was a fake because afterward I asked him if he made a wish and he reported, " I never really do."

"WHAT??" Not in this house! We wait all year long for one special day where we can make one special wish...and he doesn't do it? He said he wanted to try again...

...and then he wanted to TELL ME HIS WISH (don't worry, friends- I stopped him before it was too late...whew!)... As we curled up in bed last night he said it was a good day...and I agreed. I am so thankful for the wonderful husband that God gave me to spend my days with, and I just know that every year's gonna keep getting better and better!

Happy Birthday, sweet Rich! I love you!!!

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