Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Beach Bums

Well...we're here. At my favorite place. The beach. Needless to say, I find MANY other things besides computers to keep me busy while I am at the beach, huh? Oh how happy I was last week when my Mom said she and Dad were headed south...and asked our little brood to come too! We got Nanma off on her plane Tuesday afternoon and all headed out about 6 pm. Arrived late night as always to the sounds of waves and smells of salt water and could hardly sleep dreaming of this white beach and our, well, white legs that would soon be tan! :) Rich, of all people, was the only one to burn to a crisp on the first day so he spent the rest of his days in t shirts, baby sunscreen, and under the umbrella. Always happens to at least one. :) The second "wave" of good news came a couple days into our trip when we found out Mom and I could stay a few extra days at a house across the street...and that two of our favorite girls were coming to join us. Oh what a week it's been...words can't do it justice, so I'll just share some pics!

Early morning kite flying... Another Seaside Bike Day...Jadey's favorite!!! So thankful these dudes like to hang together...they have to do it a lot! :) Happy girl! Love Birds...still! A cool morning on the beach... Our last "family of 3" pic on the beach... You can't imagine how much fun this girl had with her Daddy all to herself, all day, every day!!! A drip castle for Courtney...she always makes them on our Florida trips, so we "built" one in her honor this time...we thought this was such a cool pic Rich took!

Non and Jade played in the sand on our crab night...
Lookin' for crabs...

Not a single carb spotted, but still a fun time!
If you can't take a late night ride on a golf cart when you're on vacation, when can you??? Been lookin' forward to this picture all year...my sweet girl in her two piece on the beach! Ahhhhh I love her!!

...and her best friend came to join her for these last few days...


  1. oh my goodness...
    love the 2 piece:) preciousness.

    and a drip castle in my honor...
    the only thing that would've made it better
    would be me sittin' right there
    beside you drippin'.

    so glad you are having your extended
    beach vaca. and love that the "bellies" get to beach together.

    the pic of rich and pop made me wish joe could sit and hang with those 2. not much longer. not much longer.

    love, COURT

  2. Love seeing the pictures! You guys ipcked the best time to go and miss all the rainy yucky weather here! :)
    I loved the little blue polka dot pants!! :) So precious! Hope to see you soon! XOXO