Friday, March 18, 2011

You Know Nanma's Here...

...When you find your 22 month old drinking hot tea each afternoon!!!

Oh we've had the best couple weeks so far with Nanma staying with us. It's funny how you get used to life just the way it is...for us, with Rich's parents living 3000 miles away year round. We miss them always, but we all get "used" to it. Having Nanma here for an extended stay has reminded us of just how MUCH we miss her being around every day. She is truly the sweetest hearted person and so easy to get along know, it's not just any ole mother-in-law that one could have staying for two 1/2 weeks! This lady is so fun to have around, so HELPFUL (especially at this point in my pregnancy!), and so loving to both us and our sweet Jadeybug. I told Rich just last night how fortunate I feel that when it's time for her to leave on Tuesday, it will not be relief that I feel, as goes the jokes toward mother-in-laws...I will TRULY miss her, so much more, after these treasured days together.

Nanma, (and Mum!)'re a gem and I am so thankful you took so much time out of your very busy life in California to come love on your Tennessee kiddos. We needed it and we have L-O-V-E-D it! We will always cherish this visit when Jade got to know you and love you so much...and you and I got ready for another baby/grandbaby! THANK YOU!!!!!

More pics soon of our almost-finished nursery!!!

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