Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Say Cheese!!!

I know I haven't been the best, new proud mama about keeping pictures updated on here...truth is, it's hard to find the TIME when you have a little "leach" attached to your body every three hours, day and night. And, did I mention that our camera broke a couple weeks before he arrived? That said, we've been snapping cell phone pics every chance we get...and here are some of my favorites!

Going home from the hospital...

So excited!!! The sweet "welcome wagon" in the background arrived right away from his Nanma and Grampy in San Francisco packed full of all kinds of boyish goodies! His sissy has, to say the least, taken over the wagon itself and it now totes around many a doll! We are so thankful for such sweet parents (and grandparents)!

Very thoughtful...and I love how this one shows how blonde he is! I'm telling you- he's COVERED in sweet white fuzz!

This is, perhaps, one of my favorite memories of the past two weeks. My Grampa came all the way from Dickson and spent a couple hours just sitting and holding his great-grandson (we couldn't figure out just how many he has at this point...40-something grandkids and somewhere in the 30s for great grandkids!!!...and praying the sweetest prayer over his life. I love this guy more than I can say. I have so many memories spent with he and my Grandma Barb and I was so blessed by the precious time he shared with me that day...

And our first trip to see Dr Brooks must be documented, of course. We love our pediatrician and are so thankful for the wonderful care he takes with our kids!

Hoping big for a new camera soon...and more pics to come! We are doing really well...adjusting to life with a new little person around...and feel so blessed. Thanks for all the prayers and encouragement!

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