Monday, May 16, 2011

You are...

Sweet baby boy,
I know too well that in a blink you will change so much and these first sleepless days and nights will all be a blur in my today, I want to remember that you are...

...covered in the sweetest peach fuzz from head to toe...especially on your back and cheeks.

...winner of the longest big toe award in the Andrews family, hands down, from the day you were born!

...not as big as I thought(ok, FEARED!) you were going to be. My belly seemed so much BIGGER and FULLER this time, so I just knew you were gonna be a heavy weight like your Dad (whose mother still hasn't forgiven him for his 10 lb, 24 (yes, people, T-W-E-N-T-Y F-O-U-R!!!) inch entrance into this world!), but you weren't much bigger than your sister. An 8 lb 12 oz, 21 1/2 inch package of heaven-smelling goodness is how you arrived and I think every single cell is PERFECT!

...MUCH louder than your sister was! It took her weeks to make even a came out screaming and make yourself much more known! Oh we have laughed and laughed at how fired up you can get...and can both agree you get it honest!

...more "Lankford" in looks. Everyone keeps picking another brother of mine that you resemble most...Uncle Joe just told me on skype that he took out his baby pic and thinks it might be him. Nonni agrees. (And he did want me to let you know that could mean a receeding hairline is in store for you...:))

...a lazy eater, unlike the rest of your family. You take twice as long as your sissy to take in 1/2 as much, so that all I have time to do is feed, feed, feed! But oh the sweet times you and I are having, day and night, getting to know each other...YOU, my boy, have the sweetest little spirit in this world and are stealing my heart piece by piece. I love you, Jude.

...going to love well. Two different men in our life who walk close with Jesus came and prayed over you in the hospital...the same prayer, Spirit given, that you would LOVE this world. We prayed so many times over my belly (while you were still tucked inside) that you would be bold in your faith and profession of Jesus Christ. And now we pray that you would bre given a heart full of love for those who need the love of Jesus. You're gonna be a WORLD CHANGER, we believe it!

You, my son (so HAPPY I have a SON!!!!), are so, so loved...


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  1. i love you guys!!!
    coming to see you soon!