Friday, July 29, 2011

5 years

Five years ago today, Rich and I stood on my parent's front porch and promised our love to each other. Five years. Goes by fast. Two babies later, we are headed back tonight, on this anniversary, to where it all started--Charleston, SC. We haven't been back since he got down on one knee on a beach there and asked me to always be his. And I said yes! We are so excited to see some of our old stomping grounds, to take Jade that same beach to play...And to reminisce about the very beginning of this wonderful life we share. Who, but God- in His sovereignty and grace- would have ever know how far this "back row of class" romance would go! Today Rich called me and started out with, "Well hello, French class girl!" :) I love when he still flirts with me... So here we go down memory lane together, now with two tag alongs, and we'll keep ya posted on how it goes. Mr. Andrews, I love you "big ocean" as Jadey would say...and it's still you and me,baby- 'til the wheels fall off! And oh, by the way...I am still YOURS! Thanks for askin'!

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