Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day 2

Another fabulous day that started with a scrumptuous (and complimentary, might I add!) Sunday brunch at our restaurant downstairs, Jacob's Kitchen. It was seriously PACKED, not to my surprise, since I really think they are hiding Food Network chefs in there!

Next we drove around a bit...down memory lane...and went to see Rich's old house...

854 Law Lane! :)

Then we spent the next two hours trying to get to the beach...we laughed at ourselves (and high-fived!) after we finally sat down in our beach chairs about how long it takes to get ready to do anything with two kids! Especially on our first beach trip with just us- we had to buy chairs, an umbrella, sand castle know, everything you need at the beach, we needed! But oh, so worth it to see... happy heart...

...and one happy face! :)

And tonight was so fun. Dinner at an Irish Pub right across from...

...our B & B! Isn't it perfect?

Two snoozers during the meal- beach wore them out! Made for a nice, quiet dinner though... :)

And then we drove into the city for ice cream and swinging on the Pier. Jadey loved it!

A thunderstorm came up while we swung and the most beautiful lightning ever flashed across the if God was putting on a show just for us...

...just for our little family of 4!!!

Too tired for love stories excited for another day here in one of my favorite towns with my three favorite peeps!

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