Saturday, July 30, 2011


You know you have a LOT of uncles when you start referring to anyone and everyone with that title. Recently, a new friend of our family stopped by my parent's house and Jade met him for the first time:
"Jade, this is Mr. Marty...can you tell him hello?"
"Hi Mr. Marty!"...

...but about 10 minutes later, she looked up from where she was playing in the grass and curiously questioned, "Mom- where'd Uncle Marty go?" Classic.

So I am sitting here on the bed today (in our fabulous Ion Bed & Breakfast Room #6- which I will tell more about later) feeding Jude and eavesdropping on what Jade and her favorite playmate in the world are talking about. This is how it goes:

Jade: "Put this shirt on Darla, Uncle Rich!"
Rich: "Jade, I have told you a hundred times, I'm not Uncle Rich...I'm Daddy. Daddy to you..."
Jade: "Uncle Daddy- put this shirt on Darla!"

I laughed out loud. :)

Pretty rare that one girl gets not 1, not 2, not 3 but FOUR brothers... and I will admit it took me until I started inheriting fabulous sister-in-laws to determine it was actually a lucky turnout for me!!! And since I have 4 brothers, Jadey technically has 4 uncles, but she hears the word so much that she pretty much calls any ole guy that hangs around our group "Uncle ___". We are so thankful for all the uncles...Uncle Joe, Uncle Nate, Uncle Gav, Uncle Tay Tay...Uncle Dra...Uncle Jeff...Uncle Rocky...Uncle Marty :)...and Uncle Daddy!!! :) We love you all!!!

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