Thursday, November 19, 2009

My first blog: "Better Late Than Never"

Oh this seems to be the fateful motto of my life!!! No matter how early I wake up, how fast I shower or drive down the interstate, or how many things I leave undone... I am ALWAYS LATE! Anyone who knows anything about me certainly knows this to be true...And, alas, it has followed me even into the world of blogging!!!

I remember when I found out I was pregnant I thought, "Well, now that I am 'technically' a mother already, I should journal this pregnacy!"... but as my belly grew, so did my excuses for not blogging... and then Shaelyn Jade was born and I thought, "Well with all of this time at home now (HA!), I will start this blog!" And after the "secrets" of postpartum became my reality, it was, "when things get back to 'normal'"...and then "once I get a good 'schedule' worked out' (another HA!)...and somehow, in a matter of what has seemed like only a few days, 6 months has snuck upon me... and I am once again LATE in journaling the FABULOUS DAYS of my life with my precious baby girl!!! All I can cling to is the "wise" old saying, "Better late than never!"

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