Monday, November 23, 2009

No "Bah Humbugs" Here!

Last night was the first time that we have actually hired a babysitter to come stay with Shaelyn Jade while we went on a "date" together. My mom loves Charles' Dickens "Christmas Carol"... I remember watching all the older versions growing up(something about watching the first Christmas movie makes the season "official")... and this year, she was PUMPED to see it was coming in 3D!!! She "fandango-d" tickets... and with purses packed full of WALGREENS drinks and candy, our big, loud crowd made it's usual big, loud, entrance into a packed matinee! It was so fun to see the excitement in the kiddos' eyes, especially our avid movie-watcher, Brax... and so sweet to see Cy trying to be as big as his cousins- even in the scarier parts! He WAS so along as sitting in your mom's lap and not wearing your 3D glasses can still be big! :) And as you see, it's amazing how the spirit of Christmas makes us ALL act like kids... Oh it's my favorite time of year! We ended our night with a yummy dinner @ Carabba's including the much anticipated drawing of names, which is supposed to be kept secret, but which, as always, was shared before we left the table! :)

What a fabulous "first date"... thanks to Nanny Thelma!... Christmas if "officially" HERE!

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