Tuesday, January 5, 2010

For Victor and for Genesis

The story starts in England, about 30 years ago, when a middle-aged woman, who was feeling useless in the world, stumbled upon the opportunity to "sponsor a needy child." She thought to herself, "I have no family of my own... and I have the extra few dollars a month...", so she signed up. She didn't choose the child... she just decided to let God send her the child He wanted her to help. She later thought to herself, "Odd match...an English woman and an African BOY...wonder if he will even respond to me?"... but she decided to write him a letter anyways...and thus began their correspondence. She asked him to write back to her what he liked to do, what he was good at...

This little boy was feeling equally useless in his world, but the news that someone, somewhere (albeit an English WOMAN) cared enough to sponsor him filled his heart with excitement, and he wrote her back immediately! However, he really could not think of anything he was really good at...he was mediocre in school, mediocre at sports, mediocre at home...but he told her that he liked to RUN.

Oh how excited she was that her little boy wrote her back! She could hear his need of encouragement, and suddenly she had a purpose, no matter how far away he was. She wrote him back and told him that God loved him...she began to tell him about Jesus in her letters...and she told him that if he loved to run, then to "run with all your heart!!!!"

Through the years, as they both grew older, this unlikely pair became dear friends. They waited for letters, they prayed daily for each other, they experienced each other's joys, and sorrows. She always asked how his running was going...and he would proudly write back that he was the fastest boy in his class... he was the fastest boy in his school... he was the fastest boy in his VILLAGE! Her letters about Jesus led him to his first Bible, and to a personal relationship with His Savior.

One ordinary day, this elderly English woman heard a knock at her door. She opened it to find a tall, bright-eyed African man standing before her. In his hand he held an Olympic GOLD Medal, and though she'd never seen him in person, she knew immediately that this was her little runner, all grown up. With big tears in his eys, he said, "This is for you. Without you, I never would have run with all my heart."


This is the story that a man from Compassion International told at our church a couple years back that stirred my heart to sponsor a child. Well you know us- Rich and I LOVE children... so we actually adopted two! And thus, our stories have begun with two children far away. Victor Muzoora lives in Africa. He is the cutest little 11 year old boy you have ever seen! He loves SOCCER, like Rich...and Jesus already! He always draws the cutest pictures of animals, and we can tell by his letters that he loves the satisfaction of helping others. Genesis Sarai Alvarez is only 6. She was the sweetest little round face on the table, the day I picked her. I correspond with her mother and sister, since she cannot write, yet...but wouldn't you know God matched me with a little artist, and I receive the most precious pictures every time.

God sends some of us directly to these needy people, like my brother, Joey, and sister-in-law, Courtney. Who knows where God will lead us, but we pray we will have the courage to follow Him. Until then, I know that God placed these two kids in our "remote care"... and our monthly donations make all the difference in their lives, as well as our love letters. Sometimes, a child only needs encouragement.

Are you at a place where God could use your "extras" to change the life of a child somewhere? If so, I encourage you to follow my new link on my sidebar to Compassion International, and sponsor a child. As is always the case, we have found that WE are the greater recipients. We have been SO BLESSED by Victor and Genesis, and pray that God will use us to help them find their "gold medals".

If you do decide to sponsor, please let me know! I would love to follow your story, too!


  1. looks like you figured it out:)

    love the daily bible verse. i was looking at those today too!

    and then... there is Alfa. we have sponsered him for 7+ years. watching him grow has been a blessing. now our kids can't wait to see pics of him and read his letters!

    making a difference in just one life, even a little difference brings blessings to you both.

  2. I just got a letter from my Compassion Child, Murielle, yesterday. We have been buddies for almost 6 years now. I love getting her updates and was so excited to tell her about our baby because she would always ask. It's neat to have a special friend that you may never meet. Loved the post.