Tuesday, January 26, 2010

These ARE the days...

Grabbed lunch today with a couple of our favorite "lunch date" partners, Courtney and Barron...and when I went back and looked at the pictures, it dawned on me that these two friends won't always be a phone call away for a quick lunch date. To be honest, I try real hard not to remember that sometime this year, Joey, Courtney, and their family will be halfway around the world from me. That thought makes a big knot creep up in my throat and my eyes start stinging and tears form in my eyes... all from just that thought.

I cannot imagine Courtney not being a phone call away. I call her almost every day for something or another... whether a mommy question, to plan a get together, or just a good laugh with someone. She is so much more than a sister-in-law to me. I have no sisters, really, but she is as close to one as I could ask for. And she is my friend. I have so much fun with her...and I have grown to depend on her. I feel so blessed that I love my family so much---and that I WILL miss them ALL so much! Since they told us they would be moving to Africa, I have tried to ease myself into the idea of her, of all of them, being so far away...but some days, like today, it hits me like a ton of bricks and I just cry. I am so excited that God chose them... they are so qualified, in my eyes, for their calling...but I selfishly do not want to give up these wonderful days, these moments of friendship and raising babies together. I love these days.


  1. Courtney and her fam will be missed big time:(

    And, while I'm here, that is the cutest pick of SJ on your blog header. She is Beautiful!!!

  2. ok- so i got big ole crocodile tears over this one!

    love you and will miss you!!!

    sometimes it's just too hard for me to think about leaving all this i know and love. but.. then i feel God's leading and His peace and i know all will be well.

    we will still make more memories before we go, when you come visit, and when we come back:)

    love you girl!