Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Just wanted to say a GREAT BIG THANKS to everyone who helped so much with our carwash...es! TWO that is! We had two carwashes last weekend and this weekend and SO MANY friends and family turned out to let us "make their car sparkle for a great cause!"...and so many who just gave their TIME to stand on the sidewalk and hold signs for hours and hours (seriously my arms were sore the next day!)...and even act enthusiastic about it! More who came to actually do the scrubbing...and some who just came to make a donation. Wow! We washed lots and lots of cars...and a couple of bicycles, too! We met so many new people who hung around and talked to us...some who even helped wash cars! We met one family who is waiting on 2 of their children from Ethiopia, now...from one of the orphanges we will be visiting!!!! WOW!!!!!! CHILL BUMPS!!!! I have theirs sweet pictures and you better believe I will be looking for them to pass along lots of love from their family!
These car washes were just a great reminder of how God can bind hearts of so many people- even total strangers, around His causes for the needy. Thank you for all YOU did to make it a success!
...and a special THANKS to Tim Barnhill @ TN Bank & Trust for letting us use their location and water not once, but twice!

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