Wednesday, July 28, 2010

left behind.

I am home. Oh how wonderful it was to kiss my sweet baby girl (walking so big, might I add!) and feel my big huge hubby's arms wrapped around me again...these are my two most peaceful places. But I must say, I didn't realize when I went to Ethiopia, that I wouldn't bring ALL of me back. I LEFT a piece of my heart BEHIND...and as I try to settle back into my life here, that I love, it is different. Very different. Before, I didn't have little faces in my mind...and names to go with them.

I didn't have the memory of my interaction with the wonderful people of Ethiopia. I just didn't realize how bad I would miss it. I knew I was supposed to go. I knew God had plans to use me there. I just didn't realize that I would feel so different when I returned.

But it is good...oh, so good, this change in my heart. I have prayed for so long that God would confirm His plans for me, deep inside. He has. I know that I will go back to the wonderful land I have just left. I know that I will hold those babies again....that I will sing with those sweet teenage girls...that I will hold the hands of my Ethiopian friends again...someday. When I was there, I must have said a hundered times, "If Rich were here he would LOVE this place! He'd probably stay forever!!!"...and I couldn't wait to get home and tell him all about it...and show him those faces. His heart is a deep, deep ocean. He is the kindest person I have ever met. Ever. And he has been so sweet to sit for hours and listen to my stories and ask about those sweet children, and he loves Ethiopia, now, too...even without going! I love that about him. God put us together for great reasons and I am so thankful that he is mine and I am his on this earth. It's fun...being Mrs. Andrews. :) By the me and my lovebird celebrate 4 YEARS together! YIPPEEE!!!
Please pray that God would continue to move within our hearts as we are home and reveal the things He wants us to do together for His kingdom. We are so blessed. Now I have seen JUST HOW BLESSED we are. There are people in this world that have nothing. Literally nothing. I have seen them. Now I want to help them.

Thanks be to God for showing me these things. He is so good. Now I pray I will never forget them...may that piece of my heart that I left behind stay forever in Ethiopia.

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  1. Hey Dana! I met you at the car wash before you left. We found out we are leaving next weekend to go pick up our kids (from El Olam). I would love to talk to you before we go and I have lost your contact info. Could you email me at: