Wednesday, July 14, 2010


We're officially OFF! :) Teri, Clay, and I (and a bunch of new friends!) started our journey to Ethiopia this morning. When we got off our first plane in Washington DC, someone said, "If this were a marathon...we just took ONE STEP!" :) He he he...but I actually feel like I have completed an entire marathon at this point, since I was pretty much up all night! My sweet little Jadybug didn't sleep so well in her pack n' play @ Non's last night, so at about 4 am (after I finally got in bed at 1:30 am!)...I pulled her into my bed for a sweet cuddle until I had to get up again at 5:30 am. It was exactly what I needed...of course... God gave me that unexpected time of peace and quite with my baby that settled my heart for this journey. I didn't sleep another wink--just prayed over her and tried to stare at her long enough so that maybe that image will just hold me over for 10 days.

So we're right in the middle of an 8 hour layover at this point... and I am so thankful that Teri is right beside me for this whole marathon journey! :)

PS- Thank you Tiff and Mrs. Connie for our fabulous Africa necklaces...we're gonna wear them all the way! :) We love them!


  1. Good luck! Have so much fun! I am so proud of you, Dana! Let's try to get together soon!

  2. My thoughts are with you each day. Have fun and keep writing the blogg to keep us updated.
    Nanma XXOO