Monday, July 12, 2010


I have heard it said that "HOME is where your family is..."

...and Bristol is finally HOME.

Yesterday was a day I will NEVER forget. Our family has waited for Bristol to come home for a long, long time.

...Here we are, at the end of our "wait"...

When they walked around that corner...

(sorry for the poor picture quality- I was totally freaking out!)

...and finally saw that long-awaited family reunion...

...and I saw her sweet face, for real...HERE, HOME, at last...

...and we got to HOLD her...

...I am just so THANKFUL. God is so good. And HE KNOWS the plans He has for us all along... every one of us...even little Bristol. Just amazing.

Three words: She is PERFECT!! That's about all I can say. Absolutely perfect!

My heart is overwhelmed with joy for my sweet "sis" who finally has her baby with her. Peace was all over her face.

And it's so surreal to have her here, at last...

...just chillin' out with us, her family...


More pictures will come...and also check our Courtney's blog and Tiffany's blog...I am sure they will post more. As for me, I am headed to Bristol's homeland early Wednesday morning...funny how right when she gets here, I have to leave... :)
Stay posted and I will try to blog at least once!

Please pray for me. And Rich. And Shaelyn Jade.

...and I can't wait to get back and let these two play together some more!!!!! This is them at their official "meeting"...lifelong friends, for sure.


  1. She is sooo precious. I'll be thinking about you and praying throughout the next week. Love you!

  2. I love it!! SO so happy for them!!