Saturday, January 8, 2011


So my youngest bro, Taylor (always known as "Tay Tay" to me...who is, by the way, the coolest 20 year old I know!)called me this week and said he wanted to bring his sweet friend, Annie Grace, (who was visiting for a few days from North Carolina) over to our house to make homeade sushi! Several years ago, my very thoughtful mother-in-law found out that I like sushi and bought me all of the essential "tools" to make it at fun! I even have a wonderful cook book that teachs all of the techniques from fileting the fish to cutting the veggies to making the rolls...and boy did we have fun with it once again! It is quite a process and does take a while to get it all "prepared" to roll...but once you do, it's well worth the wait!

We started with a little edamame and fried rice to hold us over as we made the tempura shrimp and veggies, cut the avacado, cucumber, and fish, and made the sticky rice. Then it was finally time to roll, roll, roll! Rich, Tay Tay, and Annie Grace all made a roll and then I voted on the best one. Honestly, it was Rich's winning "King Richard" that we all enjoyed best, but Tay Tay ran a close second with his "Mac-Daddy"...and Annie Grace put a spin on it with her own veggie roll. They were all yummy...and my favorite part was just that I got to spend a night with Tay Tay and his sweet friend, laughing lots and doing something fun!

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  1. I Love seeing this!! I have not seen Taylor in years. I use to keep him on Thursdays & sometimes Gavin(I have grandson Gavin now). Everyone would think him & my son Tyler, who is a year yonger were twins. It was ironic becuase Tyler started as a twin that was going to be Taylor :) Those boys had so much fun together... Great memories. Tell your Mom & Dad I said hello. Your family is precious!
    Lea Tucker