Monday, January 17, 2011

We may be seen...

Me and my Jadeybug, we're outside kind o' girls! We'd rather be outside than inside any day-and we prefer to be outside in the to say we are fighting this winter dreary very hard is a bit of an understatement! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE a good snowfall with sledding and REAL sno-cones and playing outside with cold noses and toeses :)... and even being "snowed in" a few days is a sort of "adventure" for me, usually...but last week when that kind of fun winter weather struck, my sweet girl simultaneously (I mean literally- as the first snowflakes fell, her temperature shot up!) came down with some kind of virus that gave her high fevers for three days. We literally didn't don our snowboots once... B-U-M-M-E-R! It was a week of indoors for us, and a very slow pace (thank goodness for my sweet Mom who told me to come stay there a couple days for a change of scenery!), so I am so happy to have a healthy sidekick again this week. And as these winter days trudge on, I find myself looking for fun, indoor spots to entertain this little lady who is FULL of wonder at each and every site, no matter the time of year! No winter blues for that girl- no siree, she is so full of energy and life, even if it is all indoors!

So this winter, we may be seen at any of the following "hot spots" on a cold day- me, my Jadeybug, and any friend we can find to tag-along with us!

Spring Hill Library: Storytime almost every day by sweet Ms. Marcia, and a very fun craft afterward (which Shaelyn Jade usually tries to eat!), and a playroom full of fun toys. Two perks- relaxing for me, interaction with other kiddos for Jade, and best of all- it's FREE!

Shaelyn Jade and her friend, Cash got some buddy time here a couple weeks ago (here leaving hand in hand)...and precious Baby Ford snoozed through the whole thing..and Jadeybug stuck pretty close by...she LOVES a baby, ya know! (PS- My friend, Whitney, is making her new "mommy of 2" role look easier than I know it is going to be...she's a great mom to these two boys!)

TREESLIDE at Cool Springs Galleria: If you ask Shaelyn Jade if she wants to go to the "treeslide" you are SURE to get a shout of glee! We have found ourselves here on many o' rainy or cold day. Three perks- FREE again, enclosed area so I don't have to chase her, and she burns LOTS of energy climbing everything! We're always ready for naptime after the treeslide...

We caught up with one of Shaelyn Jade's bestest buds, Cate, and her sweet mama Teri last week at the treeslide...but they spent most of their time playing in the boat! Here, it looks like Jade doesn't like what Cate's doing to her...don't be fooled, folks- these two were a hoot together!

Peek-A-Boo Playtown: Now this place isn't FREE, ($7 per kid, per day, all day pass where you can come and go)but it is quite possibly our favorite new spot! We try to meet our sweet friends Chrisie and Kate and Abby here each week and I never see Shaelyn Jade for the whole time we're there. It's a huge room with slides and walk ways and balls to jump in...and then one whole side of it is turned into "shops"- a grocery store stocked with buggies and groceries, a fire station with fire suits and gear, a doll house with baby beds and high chairs and baby dolls galore...I am telling you, it is a FUN stop for any kiddo! And the best part- there is a "lunch room" with picnic tables where you can bring your own lunch in! I love that! There are couches and benches for parents (and Wi-Fi) and a gate that keeps everyone's a dream come true for me this winter!

Lastly...Chuck-E-Cheese anyone? I know, I never really thought of going here because in my mind, who would WANT to go there if they were obligated by a birthday inviation, right? But, I will admit that during desperate times, we may do desperate things! :) Actually, what I like about Chuck-E-Cheese is that you can meet a friend, split the meal ($15 each including 35 tokens..and the pizza is actually decent!), and let you kiddos run free for a bit.

We may have been spotted here with Rich, Sonya, and Liv on Saturday...maybe. :) And if so, I can tell you Jade and Livi would have been most intrested in this race horse!Giddy-up Cowgirl!

Any winter-fun ideas that anyone else has would be welcomed by this Sunshine Mama! We do spend lots of days at home playing together, but getting out of this house is a MUST every couple days. It's on those days that I am thankful for indoor play-places...and friendly faces!

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