Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another birthday celebration...

Yesterday was a very special day for Shaelyn Jade's sweet little friend, Lila... her two year old birthday party! Her fabulous mom and my dear friend, Emily, entertained "martha stewart style" as always... complete with homeade-gourmet cupcakes, handmade birthday decorations, and of course, a matching table cloth! :) There were lots of kiddos there running free on their beautiful land- so ideal for a party! My Shaelyn Jade did this for most of the party....

...but finally woke up for a swing (isn't this adorable--right in their back yard??)..

...and a very fun hayride!

The grand finale was an egg hunt where 160 eggs were pre-hidden (is that a word??? :) ) atop a picturesque view of Franklin with cows and fresh air and GREEN grass (finally!) to help Lila celebrate! Of course the cows were Shaelyn Jades favorite part.... and we MOOOOOOOOOOOed at every one!!!!

....and this guy kept her pretty excited, too, as he ran along beside of us!

...The birthday girl, here...looking for more eggs!

Happy birthday, sweet Lila. We are so thankful for your family!

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