Monday, March 8, 2010

Cy and Colby Day

Shaelyn Jade and I have been so excited about today since Uncle Nate asked if we'd hang out with his two boys, Cy and Colby, while he's at work today...and Tiff's in Costa Rica! They showed up about 8:30 am and were a ball of excitement for every minute of the day until I loaded them in to Na's truck again tonight at 7 pm. We did story time at the library with Ms. Marsha...made a craft...played with trains...had a picnic lunch at Harvey Park... then played our hearts out with swings and slides and kicking a ball around. Now these two were pretty concerned about NOT having to take a nap while they were with me...and there's one thing that is for certain about me and kiddos---I don't ever want them having bad memories of my house... so needless to say, NO NAPTIME it was! :)...or so they thought! Of course Shaelyn Jade could hardly hold her poor little head up (having missed her typical morning nap) by 1 pm when we came back from the park... so down she went! Then I made a big fluffy pallet on the floor in my living room...pulled the curtains and shut the the softest "covers"...and turned on the movie of THEIR choice, actually...Mary Poppins. It wasn't 20 minutes before my good buddy Colby Todd was sawing I moved him into our guest bed where he slept 2 HOURS...but old Cy really stuck to his guns, being the BIG boy that he is...and really didn't sleep a wink. That was a fun time for us. We made him "forts" by putting blankets between the furniture...and his "own room" in our entry way of our front hanging blankets there...and he played and played, between "peeks" a Mary Poppins, and eventually Kung Fu Panda, of course. We ended our day with them letting Shaelyn Jade chase them around the kitchen and living room in her walker...shreiking as they tried to get out of her way before she ran over their toes (OUCH!)...a yummy dinner (which they DEVOURED!)...and a good game of street soccer with Livi Beasley! When their Daddy rolled up they were definitely happy to see him... but boy what a fun day we had! I am so thankful that I live near my brothers and am able to really LOVE their kiddos like I do. This day meant more to ME than any of the kids!

PS- All I got were cell phone that I never remember my camera on days like today...ugh!

...breaking for animal crackers...

Colby was a loner at the park. While Cy and Livi played TACKLE football :), he was content on his log playing with grass and mumbling to himself...just wonder what he was thinking so hard about! Probably WHERE IN THE WORLD IS MY MAMA? :)

Colby, Livi, and Cy did grab a sit on this bench a minute...just long enough for me to capture a cute picture...then they were off again!

Thank you, God, for sunshine, parks, and children...and the smiles that all 3 brought me today!!!!

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