Sunday, March 7, 2010

While The Cats Are Away...

If you're driving around College Grove over the next week or so, chances are you may see this group of boys sticking close together....

(Cason Calmus, Cy Lankford, Will Pilkinton, and Coleman Calmus)

(Nathan and Colby Todd)

(Jesse and Rocky...and my handsome man!)

and being, well...boys!

That's right...this group of wild animals is "wifeless" and "momless" this week while Tiffany and Amanada are both on mission trips (say a prayer for them!), and Teri is in Oklahoma (with baby Cate!). We checked in on them Saturday and, to say the least, no one had had a bath, and they probably were not in the exact outfits their mom's had envisioned...but boy were they having FUN! Mom's rest assured...these daddy's are taking good care of these boys...

(Caroline Pilkinton)
...and one little princess!!!

1 comment:

  1. too funny! glad they had atleast one mom around!!!! you've always wanted a slew of children (and then throw in their dads....)!