Friday, April 16, 2010


Yesterday was the day.
The day our family has been waiting on for a LONG time.
15 months to be exact.
Yesterday, Court and Joe finally got the call from their adoption agency.
Their referral.
A BEAUTIFUL...PERFECT...PRECIOUS 7 month old baby girl.
She has a face now. All those months of waiting I had a little picture in my head.
Now I don't even remember what that face looked like.
Because now I KNOW what our Bristol looks like.
Did I say PERFECT? Big, beautiful, brown eyes staring back at us.
From each of our refrigerators.
I have kissed it like 10 times today.
And kept showing Shaelyn Jade so she starts to know that sweet face, too.
They will be such sweet friends...only a few months apart!
There are no words for how happy I was when Courtney called me.
I cried. Of course, right?
I have longed for her, for Courtney. I know it has been so long for her especially.
I saw her last night, and finally there was a PEACE on her face.
She saw her baby girl for the first time yesterday.
She is so real now. She has a face. And a name.
Bristol is finally coming home.
Cannot wait to kiss her for real.
Pray for her.
Pray for her mama (and Daddy!).
She is so loved...wherever she is tonight!

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    Bristol is so lucky she will be coming into a large family that love the Lord and love her already. God Bless all,Nana G.