Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's Over!!!

As I lay down Friday night with a knot in my belly, knowing that in just a few short hours I'd be facing my goal, head on...I said to Rich, "In less than 12 hours, it will be OVER!" That thought was so good...and helped me slip off to sleep...
We spent the night at my Mom's so she could keep Shaelyn Jade that morning. I got up at 5 am with PLENTY OF TIME to get there...until I was about to put on the last part of my race "get-up", my tennis shoes...and realized I left them AT SPRING HILL!!!! MY SHOES!!!!! Can't exactly race without them!!!!AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!! All I can say is that my husband is SO patient with me and just assured me he'd get me there...and he did! Did I really expect to NOT forget something? Wouldn't me ME, would it???! :)...So anyways, as we SPED down I-65 Saturday morning, I said to Rich, again "In 4 hours, this will all be OVER!"...

All I can say now, as I sit here tonight with very sore legs is----IT'S OVER!!!!:) As much as I love to run, as exhilarating as the finish line is, as much as I am the one who gets myself into these races, I always hold on to the desire for it to JUST BE OVER....and it is! It was a wonderful race. I felt better at the end of it this one than the other two I have done...probably because I also had more prayers and more cheerleaders there this time than ever before! I had prayed that God would hold the clouds back (Job favorite passage in Scripture that reminds us of just WHO is in charge of everything!) during the race, and my prayer was answered. I ran in a perfect temperature with the most perfect breezes just when I needed them...and just as I crossed the finish line, literally, a refreshing sprinkle cooled me off...and soon turned to that storm we'd anticipated! God is so good. I had talked to Rich throughout the race, and I knew that I had some peeps at the finish line (that I couldn't get to quick enough)...but when I rounded that last bend and SAW the excitement on THEIR faces, I was so blessed and SO PUMPED, and almost cried! I was so excited to see my baby girl this time, my first race with a little one of my own there to cheer me on, and that was probably my favorite part. She was a little overwhelmed by the crowd, but as I passed by and our eyes met she was excited to see her mama, and I was so excited to see her! The whole day was just wonderful. Sore, but wonderful. :) It's those moments at the end of the race that you actually run for! All I can say is that if you have never ran in a race, you need to! Seriously. So many people say, "I hate to run" or "I can't run" or "I am not a good runner"...but if I can do it, you can do it! It is so rewarding to set a goal and accomplish it. Throughout the race, I was talking to Jesus and He was talking back to me. His precious Word resounded in my head and reminded me that I COULD DO THIS, even when my body was ready to quit.Some of my favorite snap shots of the day that I will hold in my memory and cherish forever...

My race number...

On your mark...Get set...GO!!!!!

It was so crazy that in a crowd of 32,000 runners, I actually found my good friend, Jon, and his brother, David, right at the starting line. So fun!!!

Let me just say that my friend, Teri (who was also celebrating her 30th birthday by accomplishing this major feat!) is hard core! Here we are, passing each other during the at mile 5...her already at mile 8!!! She's the one waving big! Our sweet hubby's took the pic as they cheered us on...

Two other 1/2 marathoners that Rich was cheering for...Drason's 2nd race, Sonya's first...and they did awesome!

Here I stopped for a quick pic at about mile 8 with my biggest was his big smile that kept me going! He was posted at mile 5 and mile 8 and the finish line...and I could see how proud he was in his eyes! I love this guy more than I can say with words...and I am ALSO HIS biggest fan!!!

My fans...Teri hung around after she finished to cheer me on! She looks so good because she had been finished a good while when I got done! :)

Mom and my sweet girl, Bri

My two "sisters" Court and Tiff...and Brax who loved the whole thing!

Joey, Barron, and Shaelyn Jade...

This is me just as I am approaching the finish line and see my family and friends...this is where I almost cried!!!

My parents were so sweet to get Shaelyn Jade to the race for me...and are always there to cheer me on!

My favorite peeps. In all the world.

I want to thank you for your prayers. Thanks to all my friends who sent encouraging verses, texts, and emails. They really pushed me on!

Also want to say Happy 30th to Teri one more time...she helped me train for this race and is always such a sweet, encouraging friend to me, and I am so thankful for her! All these friends gathered together to celebrate her to end this marathon day...Love you Teri!!!


  1. so proud of define the word extraordinary...rc

  2. GOOD FOR YOU!!!! WOW!!! I prayed for you...Momma Carters friend, angela

  3. dana...i, exaggerating aside, have ran about 3 times since Christmas because i'm one of those "i hate to run" people, and after reading this tonight and feeling oh so inspired, i got off my lazy hindend and got to it. so, so proud of you and loved getting to read all about your experience!!! i'm trying to talk gavin into us doing it next year :) that'll be the day!