Friday, April 9, 2010

Today's Top 10

10 new kinds of plants to go in our yard

9 (thousand) “I have to go to the bathroom!”s at Home Depot

8 hard working hands

7 long hours

$6 hired help

5 new stuffed animals bought at our neighbor’s yardsale by said hired help

4 much needed tools for the job

3 new plates on our table at lunch

2 smiling faces and very tired bodies

1 BLESSED day (and happy heart!)

Thanks, Mom (and Briley and Brax!), for bringing SPRING to my yard's beautiful, thanks to YOU! I love you!!!


  1. they loved helping you! thanks for making memories with my crew:)

  2. I agree it looks great and will only get prettier as we get into summer. You did have such great help. Your neighbor across the street.