Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Celebrating 7 months!!!

Well, folks... today we are celebrating Shaelyn Jade's 7 MONTH BIRTHDAY... and buddy are we ever partying hard around this house!!! :) She and her mama are the lone party-goers, but we are used to that, and we have had a big time nonetheless! This morning we rang in the occassion with a boisterous birthday song, which Shaelyn Jade chimed in on with her only words "BA BA BA"... followed by a short "jig" in her birthday suit!!! Next we donned her very special Christmas dress for this very special occasion...and got our monthly pics! Towards the end, as naptime drew near, she sorta fell apart on I went ahead and gave her a birthday spanking...7 swats for 7 months! HA HA HA..
I cannot believe it has been 7 months already since I first looked into her sweet face and immediately fell in love with her... These have been, hands down, the BEST 7months of my life! I told Rich and Sonya the other night that it sorta seems like my life REALLY started when she was born. I have always wanted to be a mom... and now I am--- to the most perfect, almost-always cheerful, looks just like her daddy, but sure loves her mama :), Shaelyn Jade.
Here's a "rewind" of our last seven months...

I must have missed 5 months somewhere... can't find those pics anywhere! :)


What a happy 7 months it's been with Shaelyn Jade...


  1. just getting a chance to finally check out your blog... sorry for the delay.
    it is fabulous!...yes, you have put a lot of time into it & it truly looks great... but it is mostly fabulous becasue of that sweet shae ja- i adore that one month old pic above- can you even stand it?
    she is styling in her christmas duds, i must say...

  2. LOVE it!! Love her little Christmas dress! So precious!!! I feel like I don't get to see you enough! Love seeing these pictures! And love you guys so much!