Monday, December 14, 2009

Merry Christmas with a little TLC!

Every year we try to do something fun together at TLC Medical, to celebrate Christmas. Some years we have done really elaborate parties for all locations at Mom and Dad's house... one year we all went to Maggiano's in Nashville...Last year we actually decided to put our funds toward helping some of our needy patients and various staff members took part in delivering huge baskets of food and gift cards... and we even did a little paint-your-own-pottery outing with the Customer Service department.
As this Christmas season drew near, my Mom had a wonderful idea of just having a "girls" Christmas party at her house... and it was truly one of the highlights of my year! It is so rare that all of these sweet friends are gathered together at one time... NOT discussing work! Everyone just showed up after work, casually, and Mom and I had spent a wonderful day cooking (our favorite Christmas activity together!)...

And we just sat around and ate...

...and talked...and laughed... and it was MUCH NEEDED for this group who works so hard, day in and day out, to just be able to enjoy each other outside of work!

Hayley and I brought our new little TLC ladies to join the fun...Shealyn Jade just loved her new friend, Kaylie!

Kenya also brought her sweet daughter, Aniyah, and they were the best baby sitters! Kenya pretty much "hogged" Kaylie all night... but what can we say, she loved it!

Our very own Teresa Parr, posing alone! Isn't she just so darn cute??? :)

Proud new mama, Hayley!

Robin is our "unofficial" TLC employee, since she is in our Franklin office so much helping us with our lactation supplies! She is also one of our dearest friends...

Pam is sulking as she is about to give up her much desired scarf during our Dirty Santa game...

Ellie also got a scarf!

And our newest "soon-to-be" Mom, Jenny, caught here FEEDING THAT BABY!!! :) (...and a shout out to Brandy's "gimp" foot in the left corner... wouldn't want to miss that brightly decorated sock!)

We were all SO HAPPY that Brandy was able to make it, even after a recent foot surgery! She took a little longer getting up and down all those stairs... and we may be calling her "hop-along" for a little while... but she was there with lots of Christmas spirit anyways!

Hayley,Brandy, Casey, Nancy, and Debbie with their favorite ornament pick!

...Couldn't help but show this sweet little "bundle" one more time...she must've had too much egg nog! :)

And well, well, well--- look what this dirty little santa DID end up with after all!!!

...And one last group photo with all of our Dirty Santa grabs... see my comfy new PJs???

I think this was our best TLC Christmas party ever! We love our TLC guys, but sometimes a "girls only night" is in order! We are SO THANKFUL for each member of our TLC Medical team...and I was so blessed by a fun night with them!
...And we are looking forward to being with our fabulous East TN group this week, for a Christmas luncheon... so stay tuned for those pics!

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