Friday, December 25, 2009

I love Christmas because...

Of Family! To me, part of the "spirit" of Christmas is simply how during these few weeks we make a point to spend time---good, quality time, with people we love so dearly, but do not see enough throughout the rest of the year. This year, we have loved the time we spent with both sides of our family.
Our annual Lankford Family Christmas Party was at my Aunt Laurie's house... where over 100 people (yes... this family is huge... my Dad has 7 brothers and sisters, there are 39 grandkids, and Shaelyn Jade was the 31st great grand child!!!) cram in for a crazy add-a-dish dinner, lots of singing, lots of sharing, lots of gifts... lots of children...and LOTS of love! This family loves Jesus, and it is always so wonderful to hear what He is doing in each family. This year, we had 3 families who were not there because they are missionaries around the world- in China, Mexico, and Africa. It's hard to believe that next year, Joey and Courtney will also be sharing the GOOD NEWS in South Africa.

Part of the group...

We sing lots of songs... probably my favorite part... ( PS-- Gavin brought his new girlfriend, Kara (seen above 2nd from left!!), home to meet the fam this week... she is such a sweet girl, and we had so much fun getting to know her!)

Shaelyn Jade was excited about all the music, too!

The favorite tradition on this side of the family is when ALL of the boys have to stand together and sing "Up On the Housetop"... and grab their bellies during "HO HO HO"... the little kids LOVE to see their dads acting silly!

This may very well be my favorite "moment" of this season... this is my Grampa Wayne, better known as "Buck", and he is so precious to me. He came to see Shaelyn Jade when she was born, and prayed over her in the hospital... and I was so thrilled that he got to see her again and love on her a little bit this Christmas!

My Mom's family usually gathers on Stokes Hill in Dickson, but this year Mom actually had everyone to her house. It was such a fun night, too! We started the night on the front porch as the group sang "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" to each family as they drove up and unloaded.

We played a hilarious game where we had to draw a Christmas scene...but the catch was that the paper was ON OUR HEADS! They turned out looking more like chicken scratch than drawings!

Classic! My grandmother didn't want her paper to mess up her hair, so my Aunt Julie had to hold her paper!!! HA HA HA! Anyone who knows Peggy can appreciate this one!

Sonya and her sweet Livi Drae!

Four generations...

My Uncle Jim and the two newest descendents of the Stokes family!

You'd think that of the whole group these two wouldn't be the ones doing the dishes... but, they insisted! They've been washing dishes together a long time!

I am so thankful that I have two wonderful, large, and loving families to share the joys of Christmas with! These were some of my favorite memories of this holiday season!

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  1. Dana.....

    I LOVVVVVVVVE IT!!!! Your post is, by far, the most informative information I have received about the family Christmas celebrations this year! ;0
    And, I might throw in, for free, the pic of Dad and Shaelyn Jade was one of MY favorite Christmas moments, also! Nearly jerked a tear, for sure!
    Thank you for sharing. I hope others enjoyed observing your two wonderful families at Christmas as much as I just did!
    I love you, and miss you MUCH,
    Aunt Dee :)